Gas fire Metro Tunnel

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A Spectacular "See Through" Fire Metro Tunnel is a stunning companion to the established Metro gas fire. Because of its 2-sided display, it can be used as a dramatic room divider, or even mounted into a complete wall so that it heats two adjoining rooms. Never before has there been a contemporary gas fire that is so dazzling and so versatile! You can select the individual style of your fire from natural twigs or white Carrara pebbles. The interior is available in black polished steel or rustic brick, so there is plenty of choice. And with its 2-sided glass display, the Metro gives you a unique window inside your home. The Metro Tunnel is a pleasure to operate. You have a fully programmable thermostatic remote control that allows you to adjust the room temperature and the flame picture from the comfort of your armchair. The fire also has the advantage of energy saving electronic ignition. Despite its unique 2-sided display, the Metro Tunnel is only 476 mm deep, enabling it to be fitted easily into false chimneybreasts and pre-fabricated dividing walls.