Granite and Stove Hearths Made To Measure

All our granite and stove hearths are made to measure. We work alongside the customer ensuring that they get the exact right heath for their home heating solution.
Our range of quality granite and stove hearths are specifically designed to withstand intense heat, ensuring that when you purchase a hearth from King Fireplace & Stoves it’s guaranteed to last.

Granite Hearths

High quality granite hearths like those supplied by King Fireplace & Stoves create a beautiful smooth finish to any fireplace. Our expert team of installers can fit your granite hearth in a timely, professional manner in a time that suits you. The image to the right is of a bespoke granite step hearth we installed for a client.

Stove Hearths

Our made to measure stove hearths are the perfect accompaniment to one of our beautiful stoves. These stove hearths create a beautiful smooth finish around a stove. These hearths are tough, durable and easily cleaned.

Examples of Our Stove Hearths