Outdoor Stove

Designed and manufactured by ESSE – master stove makers who have been manufacturing stoves since 1854 – the ESSE Garden Stove combines design elegance with functionality offering superior heating, and a longer burning outdoor stove.

The elegant and minimalist design of the ESSE garden stove means it's perfect for the aesthetic considerations of just about any garden.

King Fireplace & Stoves supples and delivers the ESSE garden stove with a 1.5-meter flue pipe.

The 1.5-meter flue pipe ensures a smoke-free environment in and around your garden.

As standard, the ESSE Garden Stove is also sold with a customised wheel transporter for easy positioning and easy storage.

The fully moveable lid allows for grilling and cooking, making the ESSE Garden Stove and all-in-one outdoor stove and outdoor cooking solution.

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