Boru 400i

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If the Boru 400i was to be described as a person it would be sexy, slim, warm loveable and attractive. Even though it is a stove it can still be described as all of the above. 

1. Airwash system for cleaner glass.
2. C02 burn technology for a cleaner burn.
3. Multifuel grate for burning wood and solid fuel.
4. Clean and easy external riddling system
5. Fits into a standard fireplace.
6. Contemporary look
7. Radiant heat and natural hot air convection.
8. Optional frames available extra wide, 4 sided , 3 sided or curved
9. Colour options available
10. Available with optional central air intake.(outside air)
11. 7kw output
12. Made In Ireland

Height 550mm
Width 400mm
Depth 420mm
Flue 5"

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